Dr Greg Lydall

Dr Greg Lydall

Dr Greg Lydall

Co-founder Thrive 2020

Greg is firstly a father and husband; he is also a citizen, a psychiatrist and researcher, and co-founder of Thrive 2020. He has curated the Thrive2020 event for the last two years, and co-curated the event since 2015.

Dissatisfied with the unmeetable demands for mental health care, even in well-resourced communities, his recent focus has been on developing a whole systems approach to “solving” mental health in the test-bed nation of Guernsey. In 15 years as a doctor, Greg has been struck by the importance of societal structural determinants of poor mental health, including childhood adversity, poverty and inequality.

Greg believes that the three strands needed to take mental illness to zero, and make himself redundant, are:

  • Prevention and health promotion (up to 50% of mental illness is preventable);
  • “Perfect care” (including a zero suicide ambition); and
  • People power (active communities solving their own problems).

Greg’s works for Guernsey’s Health and Social Care Department as a General Adult Psychiatrist with a special interest in Substance Misuse. He is a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, has a research Doctorate from UCL. Greg has broad research interests, having published widely in psychiatric genetics, physician health, career choices, burnout, and clinical teaching. Greg is passionate about Psychiatry as the most interesting and rewarding medical specialty, which combines biology, psychology, sociology and spirituality. He sits on several international advisory boards and has presented on addiction training at the World Health Organisation.

In his spare time, Greg has enjoyed failing in a number of startups. He also serves as medical advisor to the boards of several local and international organizations in the community health space. When not falling off his bicycle he tries to keep fit.