To learn new ways to lead an even happier life.
To learn a lot of new knowledge in a very short space of time.
To be inspired.
To meet lots of new like-minded people.
To be part of something that will improve your community.
We consistently get feedback from employers about how inspiring our events are for their employees. Attendees learn a lot in a very short space of time and make a lot of new and interesting connections. After attending an event employees are much more likely to get involved in improving the community in some way. All our events include subject matter that improves workplace wellbeing and employee productivity.
We encourage employers to send their employees to our events as a CSR day. Improving the community is not just about volunteering. It is about coming up with new ideas and making the right connections. All our events are designed to make a positive impact on the community. The attendees are a key part of helping us deliver that impact.
We run these events to make a positive impact in the community. Each and every event we create leads to the creation of new projects on the island or the acceleration of existing projects. They also inspire the creation of new generation of local changemakers to take on some of the challenges that face our community today.
For years we have been asking community members what is truly important to them. Happiness is the answer we get time and time again. We felt it was important to run a regular event on one of the most important things that matterĀ to most people.
The current happiest country on earth is Denmark. For more information on the happiest countries on earth please visit, ?
To us happiness, mental wellbeing and mental health are all part of the same spectrum. To become the happiest country on earth we need to find ways to help people at all levels on that spectrum.
Whatever you like. We encourage you to feel as relaxed as possible on the day.
Yes there will be wifi.
We prefer people to remain for the whole day as each talk is a chapter of an overall story that we are trying to tell.
The event is taking place on World Mental Health Day. It is hard to please everyone but we do make a call as to how we can get the most engaged people in the room who have the capacity to make the biggest difference. We record all our talks so that all of our content is available to all.
A TED style is a video talk that is up to 18 minutes long and is designed to be easily watched.

Yes. We typically release a YouTube video of all the talks within 30 days of the event taking place. The event is also being live streamed. All ticketholders will be sent links to all the talks when they are live. If you are not attending the event and wish to be sent the talks then please sign up for a free live stream ticket.
There are some challenging subjects that come up during the day so it may not be suitable for children of all ages. We will offer some facilities for parents with young babies and toddlers to be part of the event.
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